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Reply to topic Tips and Tricks on How to be Better at Action Games - Play F

Tips and Tricks on How to be Better at Action Games - Play F

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Action games are challenging in their own unique way, and they have remained this way for ever. They usually don't require as much problem solving or critical thinking as puzzle games. They might not require as much foresight or planning as an RPG. They might not even demand as many hours to master as other genres of games, but they still present their own set of problem for players to solve. Getting better at action games is important because action games account for a huge number of best free online games ever in varying styles. How can you hone the skills required to truly dominate action games if you’ve never been good at them before? Don’t worry, you're not the one who’s struggled with this problem, and if you’re committed, you can improve your action gaming skills in no time.
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Skills needed to be the best at Action games
First, let’s take a look at what kinds of skills free action games usually call upon. Action games are packed to the brim with… well, action of course. This means that they are very fast paced and usually full of color or rapidly changing graphics on the screen. This can be hard to keep up with visually. If you don't know what you’re looking at or which sprites you need to be following on the screen you can easily get lost and that usually means a swift death in an action game. This can be frustrating obviously. How can you improve?
Take a good, hard look at your character when the game first starts. Ideally, you can do this in the menu or at the very start of the game before you’re inundated with enemies or obstacles. If you’re playing in third person it’s much easier to see your character. Being able to recognize and quickly bring your eye back the familiar shape of your character is key. You may be forced to look at another part of the screen to dodge an incoming projectile, but as long as you can quickly come back to your own character, you’ll have no problem dodging whatever other harm might be coming your way.

» Click here for more: https://plus.google.com/100196753202708218676/posts/QVhMwGiTNgE
Secondly, action games usually call upon speedy reflexes. Reflexes can be a hard thing to improve upon because less like a skill and more like a trait that you are born with. Some people have good reflexes and others don't. Age is another important factor when it comes to reflexes. As we age our reflexes naturally become slower. For this reason, younger kids have an innate advantage when it comes to action games. Is there anything you can do to improve reflexes?
One suggestion is to practice doing one specific move over and over again. By doing this you can sort of “cheat” your own natural reflexive deficiencies. Take one aspect of the game that you are struggling with. Let’s say, dodging an enemy’s projectiles. To practice and get better at these dodges, engage the enemy with the sole purpose of dodging. Don't try to fight the enemy or move past, or deflect, or do anything else. Just dodge. If you do this for long enough you should start getting used to the timing and the dodging will become more like second nature than a called upon reflexive reaction. Once you can effectively dodge the enemy’s attack a majority of the time, move on to the next skill. Maybe you need to improve deflecting next. Go back to the same enemy, but this time only focus on deflecting. After training each individual skill, you should effectively boost your reaction time.
» Read more here: https://stampsy.com/user/133425/latest/66318
Getting the right gear and prepare to be the best at free online Action games
Thirdly, action games often call for a lot of clicking. I mean a whole lot of clicking. If your fingers or hands are getting tired, this probably means slower dodges or fewer shots fired. This can eventually lead to your downfall. So, how can you strengthen those precious, yet tiny little muscles and keep yourself alive?
Well, the obvious answer is to do some hand and finger workouts. If you are interested, there are actually several great tools to improve grip and finger strength. We will focus on another tactic, however. Maybe, instead of needing stronger fingers, you just need to click less. To be more specific, maybe you need to be more conservative with your clicks and use them at the right time. In the heat of the moment in an action game, when things are at their most frantic, you might be compelled to start clicking as fast as you can. Unsurprisingly, this can actually be less accurate, and more tiring than paced, controlled clicks.

» Click this link for more: https://www.scoop.it/t/free-absorbing-online-games-for-couples-to-play/p/4102063561/2018/09/30/top-5-best-action-games-to-play-on-pc-short-reviews-for-busy-gamers

The best way to improve this skill is simply to slow down. Try to create more distance between yourself and enemies if possible. This will allow you more time to dodge and let your fingers rest. Be conscious of your line of sight at all times. While getting out of the way, you may take yourself out of effective range for your shots. Don’t waste energy by unnecessarily shooting while you can’t hit anything. Be patient and hold off until you have the enemy in your sights again. Your freshly rested trigger finger should be able to pump out a fast controlled burst before needing another break.
Deconstructing the elements of any game is the best way to improve your chances of beating it. Obviously, the three issues listed above are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other challenges to overcome, but by taking them apart piece by piece, you should be able to find simple ways to solve your problems. We hope that these top tips for improving your PC browser gameplay help you to play better.
Action games constitute a huge amount of free online browser games. If you want to be able to play online action games in your free time, it behooves you to be decent at them. Try some of these pro-tips and experiment with new tactics of your own to challenge yourself in new ways and improve vital gaming skills. With a little bit of practice, a generous donation of time, and a heaping helping of patience, you should start to see improvements in your scores. Nothing is more rewarding than finally beating that impossible boss, so keep at it and find out what makes him tick. Get out there and level yourself up, gamer.
» For more information: https://www.pinterest.com/mantigames/check-out-these-top-recommended-free-action-online/
Tips and Tricks on How to be Better at Action Games - Play F
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